Sunday, 30 November 2008

ITV highlight why they should be kept as far away from football coverage as possible

I am sitting at home watching ITV's coverage of Histon vs Leeds United in the FA Cup second round, and it highlights just how incompetent ITV are at covering football.

ITV, it seems, have no system for keeping rain off their cameras. They have no special devices, coverings, enclosures or anything that BBC and SKY use when they cover football matches in the rain, meaning that we are left with a blurred and distorted view of the match.

ITV highlight again what utter crap they produce.

Red cards and penalties

What on earth has happened this year with Norwich City's discipline.

We are shipping penalties at a ludicrous rate whilst we have now had four red cards.

I'm all for a bit more bite from the team and I know Roeder wants the team to be less nice, but some work has got to be done on ensuring we finish matches more often with 11 men and without giving away stupid penalties.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Common sense from Peter Cullum

I've not been entirely impressed by Peter Cullum's attempt to buy the club at, what I felt, was a price that was not fair on Delia and Michael Wynn Jones. However, it is good to see Mr Cullum speaking out in support of Delia and her husband in today's EDP.

Mr Cullum stated

" that the "one disappointing aspect" of the truncated investment talks with the board was the "fierce critical reaction" of some fans to Delia and Michael.

He said: "Maybe that's the fickle football fan being disappointed with the performance of his team. But the two of them have been brilliant for Norwich City - and I've always said that."Every home and away game they are there. They've put a lot of their own personal wealth into this. If you happen to be Abramovich and you have stuck £10m into Norwich City, it's an accounting entry that barely covers the cost of a holiday. But here are two people who have put in a considerable amount of their total wealth.

"So I feel it's disappointing if they are now being seen by some as the devil incarnate. It's unkind and it's unfair."

Hear hear is all I will say.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Picking the wrong eleven players

Right from the start tonight it was clear the wrong team was out on the pitch.

In summary, Adam Drury cannot play at centre half whilst Ryan Bertrand has not played well for about a month, so the inevitable switch of Drury to left back at half time made complete sense. Also, why is Antoine Sibierski allowed on to the pitch when he is unable to win headers, cannot hold the ball up and fails to inspire or perspire during a match. Again, his replacement by the excellent Hoolahan at half time showed what a monumental cock up it was to have put the starting 11 on the pitch.

Sadly, the game was already lost before half time after one calamitous error for the first goal and a sublime finish for their second. But in the second half, there was only one team in it, and it wasn't Crystal Palace.

Glen Roeder can moan to the players about their application, but he has got to accept that he picked the wrong team tonight, and that is what cost us.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Winning with ten men

I have to admit that I couldn't watch the last 10 minutes of the Forest game tonight on Sky, such was the stress I was feeling.

The team, it has to be said, played out of their skins. Croft not only ran his socks off but also used the ball really well, didn't give away cheap possession, and posed a real threat. Marshall was immense in goal whilst you really couldn't fault anyone, including the referee who, for a 23 year old, had an amazing game. What a difference it makes having a fit young referee who can keep up with play.

The fact though that Norwich won with just 10 men for 70 minutes could be a real turning point. Now lets keep it going on Tuesday against Palace.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

AGM Stuff

Lots has been written in the Eastern Daily Press this week about the Norwich City AGM, with much criticism being aimed at the board about finance and at the manager about Darren Huckerby. my view is that most of this criticism is unjustified.

Lots of fans like to moan about Delia and Michael Wynn Jones, somehow under the impression that they are coveting Norwich City and preventing a takeover of the club. Media reports in the summer about the billionaire Peter Cullum's interest in the club came to nothing, but fans still seem to believe that Delia is raking it somehow at the expense of the club.

A few fans need a reality check.

Since taking over the club Delia and her husband ahve stuck about £1.5 million a year in to the club for no return at all. She allows the club to use her name for the "Delia's" restaurant, a name and a brand which would be worth a small fortune to her if she chose to launch restaurants by herself. Instead she has gifted this to the club, the restaurant makes several hundred thousand pounds a year for Norwich City football club, and still some fans moan.

As for Mr Cullum's interest, as Delia made clear, not one written offer has been received from Mr Cullum. The phrase "put up or shut up" would be the one I would use in relation to Mr Cullum. I am sure he has the best of intentions, but his unwillingness to deliver a deal has actually caused the club problems, which would be best avoided.

Then there is the criticism of Glenn Roeder's decision to release Darren Huckerby at the end of last season. This is a difficult one for many Norwich fans. We all remember Huckerby at his best, and even last year he seemed to be able to turn on the style and deliver a moment of magic, but these moments became fewer and far between, with the best of Hucks only being seen towards the end of the season and not during the worst winter months. Did he deserve a new contract ? Possible yes, I think so, but what did he want in terms of wages ? Norwich have made it clear that they are running at a £2 million defecit each year (this only being found by loans and investors like Delia and other Norwich supporting business people), and with Hucks on a reported £10k a week, this would represent 25% of the club deficit.

It was interesting too that his preferred choice of club in the USA (San Jose) was made in great part because of their pitch and the effect that Toronto's astro turf pitch (where he appeared to be heading when he first left Norwich) was likely to have on his dodgy hip. It is clear his hip was affecting his ability to produce in every game.

Emotionally, I'd have loved to have given him a proper send off, but financially and perhaps in terms of his performance over a whole season, I think Roeder made the right call.

So with another home game today, I go in hope rather than expectation, but I will not start criticising the board and despite misgivings about the performances of late, we must all get behind Glenn Roeder as there is no more money for players and so the team we have has to start performing.

Monday, 10 November 2008

What a disgrace David Norris is

Yes, it might look like I am wading in because an Ipswich fan player is in the wrong, but I would have complained about this had any footballer done what David Norris did on Saturday.

For those who didn't know, after scoring against Blackpool on Saturday, Ipswich player David Norris raised his arms up as if handcuffed, reportedly to show some sort of solidarity with his disgraced friend and former Plymouth team mate Luke McCormack who many of you will realise killed two children and left their father permanently disabled when he ploughed in to them when speeding whilst being drunk in his Range Rover.

Yes, well done David Norris. Your apparent message of support to a child killer must make you and your family very proud.

Of Course, Norris said it was a private gesture. Yes, doing it in front of the ITV and SKY Sports cameras as well as several thousand people really is a private gesture ???

Sunday, 9 November 2008

How NOT to do a minute's silence

I wasn't sure whether I should have posted this on my other blog or put it here, so I've compromised and put the same posting on both.

Yesterday at Carrow Road before the Norwich versus Preston match we were given an object lesson in how NOT to show proper respect for those who serve or have sered this country in our armed forces.

The announcer announced that we would be showing our respects, we all applauded as some servicemen came out along with some people form the British Legion, and then as we waited for the announcement of one minute's silence, instead we got 50 teenage girls wearing tiny short waving pom poms whilst the tannoy system played "Right Here - Right Now" by Fat Boy Slim.

Quiet how this was honouring our servicemen, quite how this showed respect was lost on me and all the other people standing around me who felt that it was a balls up of quite embarrassing proportions.

Well done NOT to Norwich City and all those who were involved in the planning of this balls up.

As to the match itself, what a disappointing result given the first half performance. Russell might have bene provoked, but his sending off cost us two points and he should not be given the Captain's armband again if this is the way he lets his team down.

On the bright side, Docherty was great and David Bell was terrific.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another "Must Win" game

Every home game now seems to have become a "must win" game given the team;s abject away performances. After two consecutive home wins, city really loused things up with abject performances at Derby and Burnley, leaving the team still sitting only just above the relegation zone.

The real fear today is that Norwich are again playing a team who, on paper, Norwich should beat. Preston have struggled this year after a super second half of last season, but we all know that Norwich put in their very worst performances against those team they should beat and only bother to turn up against teams in with a genuine chance of being promoted.

I cannot say I am looking forward to today's game and I know many other fans feel the same.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

What is there to say ?

I am starting to sound like a stuck record. Another weekend, another away game, another defeat. It is all rather depressing.