Sunday, 10 May 2009

Presumably Ledley King's famous "injury" is not so bad after all ?

Tottenham keep on telling the football world that after every game Ledley King's knee swells meaning he cannot train and has to rest his knee in order to play the following week.

P.S. Yes, this isn't Norwich, but Norwich City is too depressing to write about at the moment.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bryan Gunn - You don't know what you're doing !!!

In a game that Norwich needed to win, the most important game for many a year for Norwich, Bryan Gunn decided to play centre half Jason Shackell as a left back. He played left back Simon Lappin as a left winger and brought in a youth teamer with virtually no experience of the first team to play on the right wing whilst a left winger and a right winger were dropped to the bench.

Sorry, Bryan. I feared this would happen. When the chips are down you should play square pegs in square holes, round pegs in round holes. What you don't do is think you have invented new positions and formations that neither the team nor fans have ever understood.

Another example clearly of why Norwich City deserve to go down.

My views on relegation

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