Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Common sense from Peter Cullum

I've not been entirely impressed by Peter Cullum's attempt to buy the club at, what I felt, was a price that was not fair on Delia and Michael Wynn Jones. However, it is good to see Mr Cullum speaking out in support of Delia and her husband in today's EDP.

Mr Cullum stated

" that the "one disappointing aspect" of the truncated investment talks with the board was the "fierce critical reaction" of some fans to Delia and Michael.

He said: "Maybe that's the fickle football fan being disappointed with the performance of his team. But the two of them have been brilliant for Norwich City - and I've always said that."Every home and away game they are there. They've put a lot of their own personal wealth into this. If you happen to be Abramovich and you have stuck £10m into Norwich City, it's an accounting entry that barely covers the cost of a holiday. But here are two people who have put in a considerable amount of their total wealth.

"So I feel it's disappointing if they are now being seen by some as the devil incarnate. It's unkind and it's unfair."

Hear hear is all I will say.

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