Monday, 10 November 2008

What a disgrace David Norris is

Yes, it might look like I am wading in because an Ipswich fan player is in the wrong, but I would have complained about this had any footballer done what David Norris did on Saturday.

For those who didn't know, after scoring against Blackpool on Saturday, Ipswich player David Norris raised his arms up as if handcuffed, reportedly to show some sort of solidarity with his disgraced friend and former Plymouth team mate Luke McCormack who many of you will realise killed two children and left their father permanently disabled when he ploughed in to them when speeding whilst being drunk in his Range Rover.

Yes, well done David Norris. Your apparent message of support to a child killer must make you and your family very proud.

Of Course, Norris said it was a private gesture. Yes, doing it in front of the ITV and SKY Sports cameras as well as several thousand people really is a private gesture ???


Alexfromnorfolk said...

I have little sympothy with Norris. A foolish thing to do? Yes.

However, David Norris was not responsable for the death of those children. It is his business if he decides to stay friends with Luke McCormack. People make mistakes in life. He has to serve his time and that is only right.

Dont you think it is within David Norris' civil rights to make a open gesture to a friend? There are many gestures given at football grounds, in public places and even on Radio 2! that seem to pass us by.

The club have fined him and donated the same sum to charity. Yes I agree the player has acted a fool. To think he doesnt care much for that family is not true. Deep down im sure he does. If my best friend had acted in much the same way I would not leave him to rot.

Norris is a good player, not however a good judge of character.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Very fair comments.

I think it was the fact that he cannot differentiate between private and public gestures that is so poor though.

Again, thanks though and it is nice to read something sensible from an Ipswich fan given the bunkum from the head of your supporters club today who claimed he had been a victim of political correctness.

Alexfromnorfolk said...

You cannot defend stupid actions. It's best to say sorry and move on and Im glad that has happened.