Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Picking the wrong eleven players

Right from the start tonight it was clear the wrong team was out on the pitch.

In summary, Adam Drury cannot play at centre half whilst Ryan Bertrand has not played well for about a month, so the inevitable switch of Drury to left back at half time made complete sense. Also, why is Antoine Sibierski allowed on to the pitch when he is unable to win headers, cannot hold the ball up and fails to inspire or perspire during a match. Again, his replacement by the excellent Hoolahan at half time showed what a monumental cock up it was to have put the starting 11 on the pitch.

Sadly, the game was already lost before half time after one calamitous error for the first goal and a sublime finish for their second. But in the second half, there was only one team in it, and it wasn't Crystal Palace.

Glen Roeder can moan to the players about their application, but he has got to accept that he picked the wrong team tonight, and that is what cost us.

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