Monday, 29 December 2008

Stop idolising those who cared little for Norwich

What a bunch of arseholes some Norwich fans made of themselves yesterday applauding and fawning over a former Norwich star who is no longer at the club.

No, I am not on about Darren Huckerby, who deserves our thanks and cheers, but Robert Earnshaw.

I my opinion Earnshaw left the club at a difficult time, appeared to make sure Norwich were unable to make any real money from the deal, such were the terms of the contract he wanted when he signed for City, and in the same way as Huckerby showed selfless loyalty to Norwich when other clubs were offering better deals, Earnshaw was the complete opposite by showing himself to by the typical money grabbing Hummer driving professional footballer whose idea of loyalty extends to keeping his wallet full.

Yes, it's all my biased opinion, but in my view he didn't deserve anyone's applause. Some people have spent more time in Norwich Airport than he spent at Carrow Road. Missed on the field, but not someone I will ever look at with great fondness.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

My Christmas Message

Well this year has seen many ups and downs for Canary fans, but overall, we can look back with some good memories.

Firstly, some sad goodbyes to some much loved players.

Dion Dublin's signing was, at first, considered to be some sort of joke, but he turned out to be the most consistent and dedicated player wearing a yellow shirt in the last few years, and rightly ended the season as player of the year. It is a great shame he joined SKY TV, as I think it was clear to everyone that his organisational abilities, even form the sidelines when directing players as a sub, showed he has much to offer in coaching and management.

It goes without saying that Darren Huckerby was an absolute star for Norwich and something of a talisman. Although in the last 18 months of his time at the club he only showed his true class in fits and starts, he was still able to conjure wonder goals out of nothing and his ability to draw fouls is second to none in the Championship. The manner of his leaving, with no goodbye, is to be put right on 28th December against Nottingham Forest (five years after he signed for Norwich before the Notts Forest game on 26th December 2003), but there is no doubting his contribution and he will always be remembered as a Norwich great.

As for the team, I think we have a much stronger team that a year ago. Sammy Clingan is a Premiership player in waiting (and I am surprised Everton have not poached him to replace Lee Carsley) whilst the rest of the squad of permanent signings (not loan signings) are capable of better than 20th in the league, if only they could be more consistent. If Bell, Hoolahan and other could be more consistent, all we would need is a striker who is actually signed to the club. Sadly our only striker (Cureton) is on loan, and we cannot move on without a striker signed to Norwich, which leads me to my Christmas wish.

All we want for Christmas is Leroy Lita ... please ?

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Views from a Charlton fan

I work with a Charlton fan who is surprisingly up beat about today's game against Norwich.

He assures me that Charlton are genuinely on the up, despite throwing victory away against Derby earlier in the week in the 94th minute, and that today is the perfect game for Charlton.

My own view was that Charlton were robbed during the week, they dominated and looked a good side, but this may suit Norwich because teams that come and have a go are the type of teams Norwich seem better able to contain. Birmingham, Sheffield united, Wolves and Ipswich are all a testament to this, whilst teams who sit back cause us more problems than they ought to.

Either way, Christmas will be a lot more enjoyable if Norwich can get a win today. Another home defeat and people won't just be sharpening their knives for their turkey !

Update : What a spineless lot Charlton were. They turned up looking for a 0-0, and when they went one goal down, they failed to change their play and still seemed to be playing for a 0-0, seemingly unaware that they needed a goal !

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Why do some refs lack personal honour ?

As Norwich fans we are all used to watching the inept performances of referee Lee Probert, the joker who made a real hash of the first half of the Norwich vs Ipswich game last week when he missed a clear penalty, booked Sammy Clingan for winning the ball and then awarded a series of goal kicks when they were clear corners. Of course, Mr Probert's series of crimes go back much further that last week. But what a surprise it was to see that he had been given another chance to referee a premiership match yesterday.

In yesterday's match (Villa vs Bolton) he missed a clear penalty (again), refused to consult his linesman over it, and then proceeded (according to Sky) to have an absolute howler.

The point for me is that most people have a sense of decency about them which means that when you are really crap at something, you do the honourable thing and step down from it or do something else, except, it appears, for referees. A bad referee just keeps on going, getting managers sacked, players banned, and fans annoyed.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great referees about (Lee Mason and Howard Webb stand out), but some of them lack a certain something which does make you question why (apart from the money) they do it.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Bloody hell, not again !

Another win followed up by another loss. This time 2-1 to Watford and a game, by all account, that Norwich played well in and deserved more from.

Bloody hell !

Monday, 8 December 2008

Jim Magilton - What a whinger

What a shame it was to hear Jim Magilton, the Ipswich manager, whinging after the Derby game yesterday about how the referee had cost them by not awarding them a penalty deep in to injury time at the end of the game. Hadn't Mr Magilton the long term memory to notice that the incompetent referee missed a blatant handball in the first half which should have resulted in a Norwich penalty or the fact that Sammy Clingan was booked after ten minutes for making a good tackle or the fact that Ipswich kept getting award goal kicks which were clear and obvious corners for Norwich.

In the cold light of day, and given some time to think, I note Magilton's comments on various websites have been much more controlled and give some credit to Norwich. But perhaps Mr Magilton, like all managers, would do well to take a sharp intake of breath and count to ten before making such daft comments immediately after a game.

Friday, 5 December 2008

What is wrong with a Derby game at 3pm on a Saturday

Speaking to fellow City fans today, we were all bemoaning the policy of the police in Norfolk and Suffolk who insist that Derby games are always played on a Sunday.

Yes, I know that Sky are covering this game (which accounts for the early kick off), and yes, I know that the fixture had seen crown trouble in the far distant past (and we are talking 80s and early 90s). But things have moved on, there is never a hint of trouble at Carrow Road and its about time we were treated with more respect by the authorities.