Sunday, 30 November 2008

ITV highlight why they should be kept as far away from football coverage as possible

I am sitting at home watching ITV's coverage of Histon vs Leeds United in the FA Cup second round, and it highlights just how incompetent ITV are at covering football.

ITV, it seems, have no system for keeping rain off their cameras. They have no special devices, coverings, enclosures or anything that BBC and SKY use when they cover football matches in the rain, meaning that we are left with a blurred and distorted view of the match.

ITV highlight again what utter crap they produce.


Alexfromnorfolk said...

Come on! You lot are used to watching games with water in your eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the nudity in the Dressing Room after the game. Hello! Dressing Room - live TV camera... what were they expecting?

Norfolk Blogger said...

And worryingly about the dressing room camera, ITV broadcast part of the team talk and some tactical stuff which could have been advantageous to Leeds united.

Absolute muppets.

Anonymous said...

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