Sunday, 30 November 2008

Red cards and penalties

What on earth has happened this year with Norwich City's discipline.

We are shipping penalties at a ludicrous rate whilst we have now had four red cards.

I'm all for a bit more bite from the team and I know Roeder wants the team to be less nice, but some work has got to be done on ensuring we finish matches more often with 11 men and without giving away stupid penalties.


Alexfromnorfolk said...

When your luck is down and the options are limited, Is there much to argue with.

One season on and little has changed. The derby could be a the turning point or the final nail for Glen.

Which one do you think?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes,the Derby could be a big match. The problem is that Norwich are not actually playing that poorly as a team, just the defence is playing really poorly.