Saturday, 8 November 2008

Another "Must Win" game

Every home game now seems to have become a "must win" game given the team;s abject away performances. After two consecutive home wins, city really loused things up with abject performances at Derby and Burnley, leaving the team still sitting only just above the relegation zone.

The real fear today is that Norwich are again playing a team who, on paper, Norwich should beat. Preston have struggled this year after a super second half of last season, but we all know that Norwich put in their very worst performances against those team they should beat and only bother to turn up against teams in with a genuine chance of being promoted.

I cannot say I am looking forward to today's game and I know many other fans feel the same.

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Alexfromnorfolk said...

The position Norwich find themselves in is the same as last year. No money, No leadership and No hope.

They wont go down but as a piece in the Advertiser about the world cup bid 2018. City could increase the capacity of carrow road once they are promoted to the premiership!

I cant see that in the next ten years. Can you?

From an outsiders point of view, I can see the problem....Delia and all these loan players.

Youth is the way. Quick fixes dont normaly last. Preston to win 2.0