Monday, 29 December 2008

Stop idolising those who cared little for Norwich

What a bunch of arseholes some Norwich fans made of themselves yesterday applauding and fawning over a former Norwich star who is no longer at the club.

No, I am not on about Darren Huckerby, who deserves our thanks and cheers, but Robert Earnshaw.

I my opinion Earnshaw left the club at a difficult time, appeared to make sure Norwich were unable to make any real money from the deal, such were the terms of the contract he wanted when he signed for City, and in the same way as Huckerby showed selfless loyalty to Norwich when other clubs were offering better deals, Earnshaw was the complete opposite by showing himself to by the typical money grabbing Hummer driving professional footballer whose idea of loyalty extends to keeping his wallet full.

Yes, it's all my biased opinion, but in my view he didn't deserve anyone's applause. Some people have spent more time in Norwich Airport than he spent at Carrow Road. Missed on the field, but not someone I will ever look at with great fondness.

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