Saturday, 20 December 2008

Views from a Charlton fan

I work with a Charlton fan who is surprisingly up beat about today's game against Norwich.

He assures me that Charlton are genuinely on the up, despite throwing victory away against Derby earlier in the week in the 94th minute, and that today is the perfect game for Charlton.

My own view was that Charlton were robbed during the week, they dominated and looked a good side, but this may suit Norwich because teams that come and have a go are the type of teams Norwich seem better able to contain. Birmingham, Sheffield united, Wolves and Ipswich are all a testament to this, whilst teams who sit back cause us more problems than they ought to.

Either way, Christmas will be a lot more enjoyable if Norwich can get a win today. Another home defeat and people won't just be sharpening their knives for their turkey !

Update : What a spineless lot Charlton were. They turned up looking for a 0-0, and when they went one goal down, they failed to change their play and still seemed to be playing for a 0-0, seemingly unaware that they needed a goal !

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