Thursday, 25 December 2008

My Christmas Message

Well this year has seen many ups and downs for Canary fans, but overall, we can look back with some good memories.

Firstly, some sad goodbyes to some much loved players.

Dion Dublin's signing was, at first, considered to be some sort of joke, but he turned out to be the most consistent and dedicated player wearing a yellow shirt in the last few years, and rightly ended the season as player of the year. It is a great shame he joined SKY TV, as I think it was clear to everyone that his organisational abilities, even form the sidelines when directing players as a sub, showed he has much to offer in coaching and management.

It goes without saying that Darren Huckerby was an absolute star for Norwich and something of a talisman. Although in the last 18 months of his time at the club he only showed his true class in fits and starts, he was still able to conjure wonder goals out of nothing and his ability to draw fouls is second to none in the Championship. The manner of his leaving, with no goodbye, is to be put right on 28th December against Nottingham Forest (five years after he signed for Norwich before the Notts Forest game on 26th December 2003), but there is no doubting his contribution and he will always be remembered as a Norwich great.

As for the team, I think we have a much stronger team that a year ago. Sammy Clingan is a Premiership player in waiting (and I am surprised Everton have not poached him to replace Lee Carsley) whilst the rest of the squad of permanent signings (not loan signings) are capable of better than 20th in the league, if only they could be more consistent. If Bell, Hoolahan and other could be more consistent, all we would need is a striker who is actually signed to the club. Sadly our only striker (Cureton) is on loan, and we cannot move on without a striker signed to Norwich, which leads me to my Christmas wish.

All we want for Christmas is Leroy Lita ... please ?

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