Sunday, 14 December 2008

Why do some refs lack personal honour ?

As Norwich fans we are all used to watching the inept performances of referee Lee Probert, the joker who made a real hash of the first half of the Norwich vs Ipswich game last week when he missed a clear penalty, booked Sammy Clingan for winning the ball and then awarded a series of goal kicks when they were clear corners. Of course, Mr Probert's series of crimes go back much further that last week. But what a surprise it was to see that he had been given another chance to referee a premiership match yesterday.

In yesterday's match (Villa vs Bolton) he missed a clear penalty (again), refused to consult his linesman over it, and then proceeded (according to Sky) to have an absolute howler.

The point for me is that most people have a sense of decency about them which means that when you are really crap at something, you do the honourable thing and step down from it or do something else, except, it appears, for referees. A bad referee just keeps on going, getting managers sacked, players banned, and fans annoyed.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great referees about (Lee Mason and Howard Webb stand out), but some of them lack a certain something which does make you question why (apart from the money) they do it.

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