Saturday, 17 January 2009

Norwich vs Barnsley - Round pegs in round holes

Well, I'm not going to be fooled by one result because today's 4-0 win was against a poor team who failed to really turn up. However, I am not complaing because Norwich showed a level of persistance and patience whilst also showing some real invention from Croft and Hoolahan.

The most interesting aspect though was the fact that Bryan Gunn had players playing in their best positions. Gone was Roeder's attempt to push players in to position they do not play well in. When Bell came on, he came on on the right. Cureton is not a right winger, and played up front whilst Hoolahan is great in the free role. Moreover, Russell showed why he is a great attacking player by providing a masterful performance in the role just behind the striker.

My team ratings ?

Marshall - 7 - Had little to do but was assured and distributed the ball well)

Otsemebor - 7 - Really supported Croft well and got forward quickly. Distribution can be a problem though.

Bertrand - 6 - Didn't see much of him but tried to get forward more than of late. Still looks a little lost without support on the left.

Grounds - 7 - Solid, composed.

Docherty - 8 - Solid, assured.

Clingan - 8 - Here's here, he's there, he's every ....... where !

Croft - 8 - Great display as long as he keeps going forward. There is though still a question mark over his fitness over 90 minutes. Yet again he looked tired after an hour.

Hoolahan - 7 - Inventive and got better as the game went on.

Russell - 8 - Does he ever tire ? Great performance.

Cureton - 6 - Yes, a goal, and you cannot fault his attitude and commitment. But he looked off the pace. Stick with him though.

Fotheringham - 7 - Fozzed the ball around well and linked things up. Much improved.

MOM - Russell

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