Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Change the manager ... same old players

What a shattering disappointment tonight's match against Southampton was.

Forty five minutes of super football followed by 45 minutes of laziness, silly schoolboy errors, poor marking, dreadful clearances and half hearted play.

What a let down.

Player ratings

Marshall - Solid, made no errors, let down by his defence - 7
Otsemebor - Failed to attack his opposite number, poor floated crosses - 6
Bertrand - Got forward well, looked better than Otsemebor but not spectacular - 6
Docherty - Who was to blame for the second goal ? Solid apart from a question make over the marking for this goal - 7
Grounds - Same as Docherty but lazy to make a pass and closed down too often - 6
Fozzy - A decent first half but anonymous in the 2nd half - 6
Croft - What is the point of Crofty if he fails to take on his full back ? We never saw the Croft from last weekend. 6
Hoolahan - Great goal, creative - 7
Cureton - Where was he ? Tried hard but anonymous - 6
Russell - Tried hard be largely ineffective - 6
Clingan - Stunning performance again - 9

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