Sunday, 11 January 2009

Come in Mr Roeder, your time is up

Actually, I don't dislike Glen Roeder. Yes, I gather he is a bit humourless and I think he can be too dogmatic. But at the end of the day he inherited a very poor squad and in my opinion, the squad we have now is a vast improement. The only problem is the erratic way they play.

For Roeder though the problem is that fans are losing patience. Another decent performance yesterday against a top team (and another narrow defeat) doesn't alter the fact that Norwich city level on points with teams in the relegation zone.


Catchthebudgie said...

The fans dont like him, But its a bit like being asked to save the British economy without no money. His hands are tied and the loan players are not after a move they are at Norwich to keep fit. Win or lose they get paid.

I am afraid City are going down.

Catchthebudgie said...

You had to see this coming. Well top marks to those in charge for picking another manager who believed your hype. Norwich City is self distructing and no manager will help them now. I feel sorry for these guys that are persuaded to join your club. Enjoy Div 1 next season.

Catchthebudgie said...

Well Nick joking aside, who do you think will be brave enough to take on the job? All fans can get a bit carried away with their choices. People have said Ady but without cash to spend his watford side sure struggled! Ex-players yet my team did that and thats been a proper cock up! I think Norwich will be very lucky to stay up as other teams around them are pushing on. Even Charlton may have got some belief though they do look doomed. I think Forest,Southampton and Barnsley will pull away. Loan players in mass do not bring success. The youth do so maybe relegation is a forward move after all.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I have heard rumours of Mark Robins and I would welcome Aidy Boothroyd, after all, he has worked for Norwich in the past.

The problem is at the moment that I do not feel Norwich have got a bad squad, its just that performances do not match the squads ability, particularly against poor teams.