Saturday, 25 October 2008

A simple way to afford to pay for Leroy Lita

At half time today in the Doncaster game, I deceided to get myself a drink. knowing that there would be some sort of queue at the bar, I went down to the bar three minutes early. And what time did I finally get my drinks order ? Four minutes before half time.

Why was this ?

One till was broken, one bar had only one person serving (whilst lots of car park stewards stood around drinking - now there is a good use of resources) whilst my plans to have a drink were eventually curtailed as like many others I realised that there was no way I could drink my drink and get back to my seat for the start of the game (you can't take alcohol back to your seat.

So in a bizarre way Norwich City turned us in to low spending tea-totallers. The potential, if they got the correct amount of staff in and working equipment, to sell inordinate amounts of drinks and snacks at half time is completely wasted. However much income is lost to the club by the pathetic way the business managers at Norwich actually serve us, the customers.

Piss poor, like the performance for 83 minutes today. At least we won 2-1, and at least I saved some money by not having a drink.

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