Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oh what a night

I can't remember a match I have so not looked forward to as much as tonight's game against Wolves. I friend of mine, also a season ticket holder, told me today he was relieved to be going to the theatre (to see the excellent Steve Coogan who I saw on stage last night) and not to the match whilst my good friend Andy who sits near me was on urgent business in Edinburgh and was almost revelling in not having to go.

Oh how wrong we all were.

Anyone who thinks that football is boring would have been proved wrong by a pulsating exciting match the like of which you cannot see for several seasons at a time. The game had everything.

Omozuzi had a 30 yard shot touched over the bar, Clingan scored in a comedy moment from the keeper who caught the ball and fell in to the net, Leroy Lita scored an excellent hat-trick, Wolves were reduced to 10 men, and all in all we were thoroughly entertain.

Bloody marvellous and very well done indeed to the team.

Now lets not mess it up against Doncaster at the weekend.

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