Saturday, 4 October 2008

Saved by the traffic

Given my difficulties in getting in to Norwich today meaning I missed the match (read a full account of it on my other blog HERE), I am somewhat surprised to feel in hindsight that it was a blessing in disguise given that Norwich played a great proportion of the game against 10 men (as they did against QPR) and lost (like they did against QPR).

As one of my friends who went to the match said in his text "Bloody Poor". Too right !

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The Head Hitter said...

Now I'm going to say it - Roeder is an egotistical b***ard. It's all about him, him, HIM. If you read his programme notes for the QPR game, he talks about players that he expects to play well for HIM, players that have played well for HIM in the past, which is why HE has brought them in.

If I'd it with me, I'd transcribe it and capitalise every use of the word I, ME, MY, and MINE - and mark my words, it would be a veritable forest of capital letters. If I capitalised every use of the words US, CLUB, NORWICH,and FANS, you wouldn't even notice the difference.

We need rid of this inept, self-absorbed knob-piece ASAP, or League One beckons. Mind you, that would be an appropriate finishing piece to HIS CV.

Roeder out. OTBC.