Thursday, 9 October 2008

Are Norwich fans starting to tire of Glen Roeder ?

In the summer Glen Roeder had something of a clearout. He got rid of fans favourite Darren Huckerby whilst people raining from physios, coaches and scouts were also shipped out of the club, many of whom had given the club years of great service. Even the kit man lost his job. Quite how his role affected Norwich's performance on the pitch was never explained, but to many people, however harsh, it was a sign that Glen Roeder was a man with a plan. it was rather unpalatable, but like any medicine, we were made to feel it would make us better.

Sadly, there is always a reaction though to a foul tasting medicine when it seemingly has no affect.

Twelve months on from the disastrous start we had under Peter Grant, Norwich are barely any better off, sit only just above the relegation zone and the harsh fact is that people are now starting to question Glen Roeder's abilities and whether he is not so much a man with a plan, but a man who makes lots of changes in order to make it seem like he is doing lots.

Clearly, on the pitch, he is not making the club any better. Norwich's best players were bought in under the previous regime (Russell stands out every game) and more and more people are muttering that Roeder has upset too many people and the team is still worryingly fragile.

What difference does 12 months make ? Very little.

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The Head Hitter said...

His so-called "rebuilding" which was apparently "desparately needed" was nothing more or less than an act of common vandalism.

And what's all this cobblers about "competition for places?" We're a small club, with a squad the size of Man U's. Consider: our stellar performance in the first Premier League season saw essentially the same XI turn out every week, barring injury. And (no disrespect meant) they loved the club, they loved the fans, and they gave their all - excited to be a part of something very radical, a small-town team who almost won the league. We can't afford 'competition for places' and we don't need it - we need a uniter, not a divider at the top who'll galvanise the players and make them love playing. 'Competition for places' might work at Liverpool - it might be a refreshing change in the England set-up, but at Norwich, forget it.

Roeder out, out, out. OTBC.