Saturday, 23 January 2010

That's entertainment

What an incredibly exciting game today against Brentford. All the ingredients were there, missed chances, great saves, hitting the post, some incredible tackling, and the obligatory numpty of a referee. I noted before the game that this was only the second game the referee had been in charge of this year, and boy did it show.

Whilst I can't disagree with the red card for Grant Holt, the player he kicked was sliding towards him with both feet in front of him. Had Holt not raised his legs, he would have been kicked. So why not at least book the Brent ford player for intent ? Also why were Brentford players allowed to repeatedly shirt pull, but Russell was booked for "repeated foul play", despite the fact that the other tackles the referee was pointing out were in fact committed by Korey Smith. Heaven forbid I should suggest the referee could not tell two black players apart, but it is ridiculous to get the confused. And why was a Brentford player allowed to raise his hands to the neck of a Norwch player without a card being produced ?

Still, a great late goal from Martin, another good cameo from Olli Johnson, and despite a three game ban for Holt, al looks good.

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Anonymous said...

Cody McDonald finding good form, given the Manager the sort of headache they prefer to have !