Friday, 8 January 2010

Sell Carrow Road and suffer a slow lingering death

Norwich are, according to the EDP, considering a plan to sell Carrow Road and lease it back, in order to clear the clubs debts. In my view, this is utter folly and is like many PFI projects that happen around the country these days, in other words, a short term solution that costs far more money in the long run.

On Wednesday Radio Five have a piece about Stockport and their imminent demise. Stockport, according to their supporters trust, have no one willing to buy the club because their only asset, their ground, is not owned by them any more. The advice from Stockport is that no club should ever consider selling their ground as a sensible option. It is a short term fix but costs the club much more in the long run.

Should the City board follow this route then they ought perhaps to look at other clubs in England that have done this and name more than one where it has proved to be successful ?

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