Friday, 1 January 2010

Grow up Walsall

Walsall have made them seem like a small club with a small ground and a small mentality in the last few days.

The referee decided on 28th December to call off the Walsall vs Norwich game because he felt that with part of the pitch frozen solid, whilst the rest of the pitch was softr, this would cause a problem for players and could lead to injury.

Despite this obvious concern, Walsall maintain that it was Norwich manager Paul lambert who called the game off, and small minded Walsall stewards, unable to take responsibility for their own clubs inability to defrost or protect their pitch, told Norwich fans who had travelled to the game that it was the Paul Lambert who called the game off. Pathetic.

Everyone knows it is the referees decision. If Walsall had laid down some matting or some form of protection to that frozen corner of the pitch overnight, the game could have gone ahead. Don't criticise Norwich for your own clubs failings. Small clb, small minds. Grown up Walsall.

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