Sunday, 20 September 2009

Stupid comment from Charlton Manager Phil Parkinson

What a pathetic and puerile comment the Charlton Manager Phil Parkinson gave to the BBC after his team left Carrow Road with a lucky point yesterday. He said, in a nasty dig at Norwich and the 24,000 fans who attended, which is incidentally, a crowd size Charlton have not seen since they were in the Premiership (gloryhunters ????), that "he had never seen fans so pleased to get a point at home".

Perhaps he failed to see what the rest of us saw.

Charlton have abandoned their passing game, now relying on pace from wingers and a hoofball style which is winning them games in League One, but is not pleasing on the eye. They were extremely lucky that the referee seemed unable to see that one central midfield committed four fouls in the first half (two were going through the back of players legs) whilst Nicky Baily should have been sent off for his reckless off the ball swipe at Grant Holt. The referee apparently told Grant Holt he did not see it, but apparently neither did the 4th official (who stood three metres away) or either linesman.

So playing against a top of the table team, Norwich dominated the second half whilst Charlton remained without a yellow card despite reckless and heavy tackling going on throughout the match. Finally, in the last minute, when all hope was finally going, Norwich got a fully deserved equaliser, and still Phil Parkinson is confused why Norwich fans were so pleased with the result ?

Perhaps he might want to address his comments about fan behaviour to the Charlton fans who waded across their stand to attack Norwich fans when Norwich equalised ? Why did they act so violently ? Why were so many police needed to control the Charlton fans ? Why is he so concerned about Norwich fans reaction to scoring an equalising goal in the 93rd minute ?

I seem to recall this is the same Phil Parkinson who led Hull to a terrible start that nearly got them relegated (and in so doing so lost his job) only for Phil brown to win promotion to the Premier League with virtually the same squad. So clearly Phil Parkinson is not someone whose view we should take too seriously.


Anonymous said...

And now they are winning games they suddenly have an away support. They bought only 300 fans with them to Carrow Road last year. Loyal supporters ? My arse !

Dave Thomas said...

To be harshly honest and down to Earth getting in the top 6 would be a great result this season. Paul Lambert needs to build the team he wants and clear out the waste. Next year we will be a force, but with the likes of Charlton, Leeds, Huddersfield, Bristol Rovers promotion first time round would seen unlikely (i would love us to go up as a fan but lets not get carried away!)

Tricky said...

So Franchise Dons had the benefit of the ref.
Then Charlton as well.

I didn't see the Charlton game, but be careful not to fall into the same vat of sour grapes as Mr Parkinson!