Monday, 14 September 2009

It's hard to beat 11 men and the ref

Just watched Norwich lose 2-1 to Franchise Dons on Sky TV. Very disappointed with the ref.

As the commentators pointed out twice in the opening 10 minutes, you should be yellow carded if you go straight through the back of a player's legs to win the ball. Franchise did this throughout the game and never got punished for it with a card. Is it any wonder that three Norwich players went off injured when the ref offered such little protection ?

Then there was the penalties.

Norwich, when leading 1-0 should have had a penalty (as the replay showed) whilst at 1-1, Norwich did not deserve to concede a penalty because the Norwich player did get a tough on the ball.

Sadly the score was 2-1 to the referee. What a disgrace !

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