Saturday, 22 August 2009

Quel surprise

Walking up the stairs today entering Carrow Road someone said to me "Have you seen the team ?". When he explained who was in, who was out, I was seriously worried. Well, thank goodness I was wrong.

Otsemebor looked good, scored a goal, stopped dawdling and played well. Curetone looked good, slim, and much more mobile whilst the whole team looked solid. Yes, there is room for improvement in central defence with the new partnership needing time to bed in, but overall Norwich look full of goals and with quality crosses from McVeigh and marticularly Lappin, who was outstanding, Grant Hoult is guaranteed to add to his five already this year.

Overall, a big well done and a big surpise.

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Quietzapple said...

Only fair to advise that Much, the most junior of Baron Laurence de Quietzapple's attendant mice, has blogged to the detriment of your favoured local team: