Friday, 14 August 2009

Gunn Gone - Right decision, terrible timing

I was one of the few who felt that appointing Bryan Gunn in the first place as manager was a terrible decision. Sentiment does not win you football matches and his record of winning gour out of 20 games since being put in charge has proved that.

If the board had sacked him on Sunday, I think we could all have said it was the right thing to do. But to sack a manager after a four nil win seems wrong somehow, even though I think in the long term it will probably serve the club better to have a new manager in.

On a personal level, I am enormously sad for Bryan Gunn. One of the reasons I didn't want to see him as manager was that I didn't want to see him with no role at the club in the future as Gunn has been a loyal servant of the club and it is sad that he now has no role to play at Carrow Road.

I heard someone on the radio say just now "We need a big name manager". Time for a reality check. We are League One, we have no money. What possible attraction would we be for a big name ?


Anonymous said...

did i think gunn was the right man, not really - however give some credit, he adopted a cr@p team from an overated manager, i spent 18 months being a roeder nay-sayer ! gunny finally was given a little cash to build he's own team, and had two games in charge with he's team and one win, one defeat, i was mad to see us lose 7 -1, gutted actually, i sulked for ages, if it had been 1-0 not much fuss made i think - Mark Robins is the guy to appoint, done wonders at Rotherham and runs on a tight budget

Rant over

Dave Thomas

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I think Robins is the man. But with Deehan as chief scout ? That won't work. There were rumours about Robins and Deehan's daughter doing the rounds back in 1994, but I have no knowledge if they were true.