Monday, 30 March 2009

Clingan Fears

I saw the Northern Ireland game on Sky the other day and was again impressed by Sammy Clingan who really does not appear to be out of his depth on the international stage and seems set to move on to bigger and better things next year irrespective of whether Norwich stay up or not. But every tackle he went for I was holding my breath desperately hoping that he wouldn't get an injury.

It is, of course, great that Norwich players get recognised on the international stage, but it can also cause real problems when smaller teams like Norwich could potentially lose there star players to injury and do not have the resources or large squad to cover for him.


Catchthebudgie said...

I feel a relegation excuse coming on!

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. Just the same worry every lower team fan has when their one star player is called up.

Catchthebudgie said...

I really fear that your time is up. Things are not looking good. Swansea 0 pts Watford 1 pt Town 0 pt Reading 1 pt Charlton 0 pt

Total of 45 pts you may get 46

This last international break really messed the team up.