Monday, 13 April 2009

Consistently crap referees

I think every football fan accepts that referees will not get it right 100% of the time, and once in a while you know they will miss a clear penalty. But for Norwich to be cursed by referees on such consistent basis who simply refuse to give cast iron penalties seems to be turning the whole question of referees competence in to a joke.

Again today two clear penalties and another one which falls under the category of "I've seen them given", were ignored by the ref who seemed in one case to be the only person (along with his assistant) in the ground who missed a blatant handball where even the Watford player's reaction was to look shocked as he listened for the expectant whistle.

As to the game, a well deserved win and an example of how Norwich can play when the press the opposition and don't sit back letting the other team dictate play.


Catchthebudgie said...

Nich-Always going on about refs. Even if you win!! Have you ever refereed? I have and It's not easy, though constant mistakes are little excuse. But your lot go on and on and on. Oh and an example on how you can play....wait until sunday. sending you down.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I have refereed, on several occasions, both on Sunday mornings as a stand in ref for adults and in inter school games. Yes, it is hard, but I have been astounded recently by the standard of refereeing in games I have been to.

They are not isolated incidents and the BBC radio Norfolk coverage after the game (who get to see the live video feed) were equally amazed.

The very worst problems seem to be premiership refs. Durso, Probert and the idiot we had yesterday are good examples of this.

Catchthebudgie said...

Your point is correct Nich.

To get good ref's you need ex players. To understand the mindset of the players.

I am a ref actually under the Norfolk County FA. I cant say too much about it.

The FA are the worst enemy to football and until there is a stripping out of the associations at top level we will not see changes worth seeing.