Sunday, 1 March 2009

I knew yesterady was going to be a bad day

We got the bus in to Norwich yesterday (£7 return for two people - it would have been cheaper to drive), and although I was not going to the match in real hope of a result, listening to fellow Norwich fans rewriting history on the bus really did tell me that it was going to be a bad day.

One so called fan, in particular, took great delight in telling a Coventry fan on the bus that "Delia Smith makes Robert Chase look like a saint". Now as bad as thing get at Norwich City, not for one moment can any logical clear minded fan believe that Delia's involvement with Norwich can be equated with Robert Chase's rule.

Chase took us from 3rd place and in Europe to relegation and being literally 30 minutes from being wound up by creditors, and where would the club be without Delia, her husband and Geoffrey Watling now ? There would be no club.

Yes, things are pretty awful at the club right now, but for any fan to suggest the Robert Chase would sort it out really does seem to be blind to the facts.

As to the match, oh dear. Pretty spineless, a lack of direction, apart from Hoolahan there is no creativity and sadly it is clear to everyone that we are doomed.

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Catchthebudgie said...

You dont seem to be getting much interest on this blog, seems a tractor boy gets on here more!

Anyway down to the story. When the chips are down many fans speak with two tongues. Delia Smith has done many good things for the club yet she may end up as hated as Chase. It seems her worst problem is Doncaster and his ridiculas comments, It would be better he kept his mouth shut sometimes.

The club is in the brown stuff, a poor squad, no money and a debt level that is not getting better. Season by season things are getting worse and a step back may mean a lot of steps forward. Relegation wouldn't be such a bad thing. Norwich need that winning feeling and appointing Gunn was more a PR act. I think Norwich will be lucky to survive but dropping down and restructuring the club might not be so bad.

For some reason Norwich keep selling so there much be a burning hole somewhere, most clubs have this problem and Norwich will end up like Forest, Leeds and Leicester. At some point either administration will cut in or the squad will be sold off. It's a bad news time and the supporters would and could argue that the club is not much better off now under Delia.