Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Andy D'Urso - History of bad decisions against one team - Norwich City

I wrote a few days ago about the dreadful refereeing of the Norwich vs Bristol City match, a game where not only was a Norwich player sent off when the video evidence shows he played the ball, not only was a penalty given which was not a penalty, but one of the clearest penalties you are likely to ever see was not awarded for Norwich.

You might imagine this was a one off bad game, but actually it isn't.

Last year Andy D'Urso, the ref for the match last weekend, was by strange coincidence the the same referee who awarded Bristol City a free kick in the final minute of the game which Bristol scored from. The only problem was that he seemed to be the only person in the ground who thought it was a Bristol City free kick whilst fans, managers, players and video evidence showed it was Bristol City player who handballed it, not a Norwich player. So last like weekend, Mr D'Urso effectively awarded the game to Bristol City.

This is not the only occasion though that D'Urso showed such poor judgement against Norwich as I wrote about him before on my other blog.

The question is when one referee shows what appears to me to be consistent and almost pre meditated bias in his decisions against one team, why do the Football League allow him to referee that team's games ?

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