Sunday, 8 February 2009

Andy D'Arsole

What an unmittigated disaster of a referee Andy D'Urso is.

In the whole of the 90 minutes he managed to miss 3 handballs by Bristol City, with one in the first half seeing the Bristol defender virtually catch the ball, then he sends od Gary Docherty and gives a penalty which replays now show Docherty kicking the ball, and then to make matters worse, he misses one of the clearest penalties you will ever see when Adam Drury was shoved over in the second half.

It was not just that he was unable to get the big decisions right. It seemed that anyone could hang on to anyone elses shirt at any point in the game and it was never a foul, with Bristol City taking full advantage by holding Carl Cort at every opportunity.

The chant 2-1 to the referee was really not far wrong.

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