Sunday, 2 May 2010

Been busy

Yes, I've been very busy with politics lately hoping another team in yellow can emulate Norwich's success.

I really do feel that the burden of leading the league for four months was starting to get to the players, but was delighted to see that with the pressure off at Bristol Rovers yesterday, Norwich really showed some class.

Let's hope they can do similarly next week in the final home game.


Anonymous said...

And sadly your other yellow team has done the equivalent of merging with ITFC!

Anonymous said...

Nich !!!

Season about to begin, friendlies being played, signings coming in, Everton losing one of their future stars over a contract "misunderstanding", wheres the blog posts ?!

With me and you disagreeing over the coaliation at present, we will certainly agree on most things NCFC related !!

Best Wishes
Dave Thomas