Monday, 15 February 2010

Bad spell - Good results

In any season every team goes through peaks and troughs, and despite results seemingly saying otherwise, Norwich are in something of a trough at the moment.

In the last four matches Norwich have managed to pick up three points, the odd thing is, Nowich have been really poor in all of those games. In the three victories Norwich came from a goal behind to win 2-1, with ironically the only game lost being the one match that Norwich took the lead in.

The great thing about this trough is that Norwich are playing poorly but picking up good results, which is always the sign of a good team. I am sure that they will get through this, particularly as the pitches get a little easier underfoot and with a run of home matches coming up. But if Leeds and Charlton continue to slip up (and Charlton lost 2-1 to Bristol Rovers this evening) it could be that Norwich come through their "dodgy" spell in better shape than they went in to it.

It all goes to prove what a fascinating sport football is.

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Anonymous said...

Its a commen trend, teams that play badly but can still grind out a result are the teams going somewhere.

I still expect nothing less from Norwich since we are punching well below our weight.

Keep an eye on Millwall, they might make a late push for 2nd spot