Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bloody useless ITV coverage

Reflecting on ITV and their coverage of the FA Cup game today versus Paulton Rovers, yet again it makes you realise how good the BBC and Sky are.

All the pre-match coverage was about Paulton. They didn't even do a run down of the Norwich team. The pathetic commentary (how many times did the idiot commentator mention that Norwich lost 7-1 on the opening day, that Lambert had been the Colchester manager, 10 days later he was Norwich manager ?), and only at 6-0 up did they actually start giving Norwich credit.

As for the game, didn't the last four goals show that when we started shooting, we scored. Why do we have this obsession sometimes with trying to walk the ball in to the back of the net ?

Overall, well done. Now if someone could train Darrel Russell to control a ball first time, we could be dangerous !

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Dave Thomas said...

Two new Loan Signings, 4 in the table - go home run, away form best for years. Fingers crossed for a good Xmas !