Monday, 22 September 2008

Will the Hoolahan knockers "knock it off"

What is it with some Norwich fans who seem to revel in trying to make new players who struggle to instantly shine feel like dirt ?

The current target for some fans appears to to Wesley (Wes) Hoolahan whose main crime, it appears, is to play in the same position as Darren Huckerby. Norwich fans who sit near me seem absolutely obsessed with repeating over and over again that "he's no Huckerby" and "he's not like Huckerby", to which my response would be simply that for most of last season, particularly up to the last eight or so games, Darren Huckerby was himself a makeweight, unable to turn a game in Norwich's favour, seemingly unable to beat his marker and was a pale reflection of the player he once was. Norwich fans, it appears, can sometimes wear rose tinted spectacles.

Personally I think Wes Hoolahan is improving in each and every game. Yes, he is very left footed, but he constantly tries to link play and pick a pass rather than tamely giving the ball away by hoofing it long up the field. Like any new player, it is taking him time to bed in, but let's give the bloke a chance.

Whatever your views though on Hoolahan, we ought to all accept that moaning and booing Norwich players is hardly like to make them play better.

To be fair, the so called fans behind me moaning about him last week were also moaning about Norwich signing Dion Dublin a couple of years ago, they didn't rate Jason Shackell (until he left) and they now like to moan about Stefanovic !

Yes, some fans are just born to moan.

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